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Popular for its modern yet elegant look, Richcliff is now available in an extra-large slab. Up to four times stronger than ordinary poured concrete, Richcliff XL makes an excellent choice for driveways or any other application where the design calls for a large scale product.

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Unilock Engineered Paver Richcliff XL in Dawn Mist Color    Unilock Concrete Flagstone Paver Richcliff XL in Pebble Taupe Color    Unilock Concrete Flagstone Paver Richcliff XL in Savannah Color    Unilock Concrete Flagstone Paver Richcliff XL in Smoke Shale Color

Dawn Mist                    Pebble Taupe            Savannah                    Smoke Shale

Please  Note

*Dawn/Peb Mix was blended at job site.

*The colors shown should only be used as a guide. Final color selections should always be made from actual samples.

EnduraColor™ Plus

Richcliff XL features EnduraColor™ Plus, a proprietary blended layer of nature’s highest performing minerals that never fade. A complex blend of granite and quartz are combined with non-fading color pigments that hold fast under UV light and extreme weather conditions. It virtually outperforms any other paver surface when it comes to surface wear, color retention and its ability to repel even the nastiest staining substances. Choosing Richcliff, with EnduraColor Plus, will ensure your patio, driveway, outdoor kitchen or pool deck will look like new, even after years of wear and tear.

Reala™ Surface Technology

Ultra-realistic textures cast from natural stone, brick and historic cobblestone.

Ultima™ Concrete Technology

This proprietary manufacturing process creates pavers and walls with up to four times the strength of poured concrete.

Surface  Texture


Richcliff XL Unilock Paver Sizes


  • Walkway
  • Patio
  • Accent
  • Border
  • Residential Vehicular

Richcliff XL Unilock Paver Patterns


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