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Pine Hall Bricks Full Range Color

*Clay paving brick differs from the brick used on house walls. Paving bricks are solid, without holes and are fired to a different standard than face brick to ensure long-term durability.
*Final color selections should always be made from actual samples. Call for samples.

Pine Hall Brick Pathway Pavers available sizes:

  • For sand bedding (4" x 8" x 2 ¼)
  • For mortared (3 ⅝" x 7 ⅝")
  • Square edges for traditional look
Driveway Done in Pine Hall Red Bricks

Pine Hall Brick Paver

Build brick steps, a driveway, terrace, walkway, patio or pool deck with these non-skid, "Earth friendly, naturally green® paving bricks. Pine Hall clay brick products are made from dirt and water, made to last and maintain their rich, deep color for centuries and can be used for mortar or sand joint applications. With a psi over 13,000 they are stronger than poured concrete and have an impressive durability.