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Permeable Pavers

What are MA Permeable Pavers? They are eco-friendly pavers that have built in spacers or spacer bars. This automatically leaves a narrow void or gap between each paver allowing rain water to drain through and filter into the sub-base and sub-soil. These narrow gaps/voids are then filled in with either gravel or specialty products defined by the manufacturer. These concrete pavers are excellent in any landscape, driveway, parking lot, patio, sidewalk or walkway.
For installation instructions on how to install Unilock permeable pavers click here, for care and maintenance of Unilock permeable pavers click here or see our Guides page.
All permeable pavers by Unilock are backed by a Lifetime Transferable Guarantee. REGISTER HERE for your UNILOCK WARRANTY.

Unilock Eco-Priora™ Permeable Driveway Pavers at a residential Home
This stylish, eco-friendly,
permeable paver is the
perfect solution for the
res & com... more
Unilock Driveway Paver Eco-line Permeable Pavement
This sleek modern paver
is heavy duty and has
never been so 'on-trend'
With custom finish... more
Eco-friendly permeable driveway paver Eco-optiloc by Unilock at commercial property
This sleek modern paver
is heavy duty and has
never been so 'on-trend'
With custom finish... more
Flagstone driveway permeable pavement in Thornbury™ by Unilock Residential Neighborhood
This moderately textured
surface, three compatible
sizes allow for a pleasing
random look and... more
Driveway and sidewalk done in Permeable Paving stones in Herringbone pattern concrete bricks
This paver is cast from
original brick street
pavers and offers a
distressed time... more
Driveway done in Permeable Grass Paver
Turfstone has the option
of being filled with grass
or aggregates depending
on the project... more


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