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Ma Outdoor Pizza Ovens For Sale


An outdoor wood fired pizza oven (also know as a masonry oven or brick oven) is one of the best kitchen elements to add to your Massachusetts backyard. It's a perfect place to gather and entertain creating fun memories with friends and family. A must for any outdoor living area. Cover with your choice of veneer or brick.

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Stoneage Mezzo Masonry Oven, Pizza Oven, Brick Oven Massachusetts

Mezzo™  Pizza  Oven  Kit

Stoneage Amerigo Brick Oven, Masonry Oven, Outdoor Pizza Ovem

Amerigo™  Pizza  Oven  Kit

Stoneage Masonry Oven Base Cabinet

Mezzo™  &  Amerigo™  Base Cabinet

Masonry oven, brick oven, pizza oven upgrade options
Amerigo™  Upgrade Options

*Masonry Ovens are concrete and must be covered with your choice of   stone veneer or brick.
*Should wait a minimum of 28 days after construction is completed to   build the first fire.
*It's normal to see spillage out of the front oven opening with soot and   smoke stains on the face of the exterior. By design, the chimney flue of   the wood fired ovens are undersized for maximum heat retention.
*Chimney cap is recommended to protect the interior cooking chamber of   the oven from exposure to moisture.

  • Mezzo™  Pizza  Oven
  • • Width - 36" Outer Diameter / 30" Inner Diameter
    • Depth - 33" Outer Diameter / 27" Inner Diameter
    • Height - 24" Outer Diameter
    • Door Opening - 15.5" x 8"
    • Cooking Surface - 800 Square Inches • Oven Temp - Up to 800 Degrees • Can Cook (3)-14" Pizzas or (4)-10" Pizzas
  • Amerigo™  Pizza  Oven
  • • Width - 48" Outer Diameter / 42" Inner Diameter
    • Depth - 42" Outer Diameter / 36" Inner Diameter
    • Height - 31" Outer Diameter
    • Door Opening - 25.5" x 12.5"
    • Cooking Surface - 1500 Square Inches • Oven Temp - Up to 800 Degrees • Can Cook (2)-18" Pizzas and (1)-12" Pizza or (4)-16" Pizzas or (12)-10" Pizzas or a Single Pizza up to 24" and (2 to 3)-12" Pizzas