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Boston Blend Ledgestone Natural Stone Veneer By Stoneyard            Boston Blend Ashlar Real Stone Veneer By Stoneyard
Ledgestone  Veneer                                 Ashlar  Veneer

Boston Blend Square & Rectangle Thin Veneer By Stoneyard            Boston Blend Mosaic stone Veneer By Stoneyard
Square  &   Rec  Veneer                           Mosaic  Veneer

Boston Blend Round Natural Thin Stone Veneer By Stoneyard
Round Veneer

*The colors shown should only be used as a guide. Final color selections should always be made from actual samples.    Call for samples.

Boston Blend Thin Veneer Sizes & Dimensions
Stoneyard Boston Blend Thin Veneer Sizes & Dimensions
Corners available for all styles & colors.

Boston   Blend   Natural  Stone  Veneer  Applications:

  • Interior
  • Exterior
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  • Building
  • Landscape


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Stoneyard Historic New England Fieldstone is a real stone veneer that consists of high-grade, hand-sorted gathered Fieldstone creating a dense and vibrate building material. Boston Blend thin veneer stone has a broad range of brown, gray, tan, white, blue, black, buff, and pink colors. Can be used as an interior stone veneer or an outdoor stone veneer.


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